Friday, 10 May 2019

New work in progress from Thick As Milk Studio, Woolwich, Borough of Greenwich, London

I am based not far from the Thames now, a couple of miles from where I was born. Loving working in a new, communal space, in wonderful old industrial block near the Woolwich dockyard.  My space is full of air, and light; the clay dries faster than it did in my studio in Burgundy, but that it just one of many of the new adjustments I am having to make these days.
New clay, stoneware temperatures, and experimenting with making my own glazes from raw materials.  Very much drawn at the moment to all things Blue....    WATCH THIS SPACE!

Friday, 9 February 2018

Hand made functional ceramic objects, each piece entirely unique.
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My workshop is located in the village of Ratenelle, Saone et Loire, France.
Please contact me directly for information or commissions.

Latest work - gallery 2017/18

Sunday, 29 October 2017

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My workshop is located at
Le Bourg, Ratenelle, 71290, France.

Some of the plates, jugs and bowls in the 'Forest' series are produced using the same sgraffito techniques as those described below for the cobalt blue fish, but I also make pieces where free-hand drawings over copper green slip provide the decoration.

This image shows the pieces stacked in the kiln just before the final glaze firing.

And after!

At work decorating a 'tree-pot'. Fortunately I don't have to go too far from my front door for suitable subject matter...

Below are some images of me at work on the 'fish' series. I took inspiration for this design, some years ago now, from looking at Japanese woodcuts and textile prints after somebody had asked me to produce them a bowl with fish on it.  The bowls, tea-pots, plates and vases I went on to produce have proved quite popular so I continue to make them (the carving process never loses its marvellous, meditative pleasure for me!) and am now selling them via JonquilCeramics on the Etsy website.

I use white earthenware clay to throw forms on the wheel. These are then painted with oxide slips (I use cobalt for blue). When the slip reaches the right level of dryness (leather-hard) I begin to scrape it away using a range of metal or wooden tools depending on the marks I want to make. This technique is called 'sgraffito'.

When the decoration is completed I leave the pots to dry before a first 'biscuit' firing - to 1000 degrees centigrade, oxidation, in an electric kiln . This usually takes around 9 hours.
Finally, I glaze the pieces with a transparent enamel finish which gives a glass-like sheen to the pieces after they have been fired for a second time. 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Exhibition earlier this year with local artists collective.... the stunning space of the 12th century Refectories des Moines, Abbey of St Philibert, Tournus, France.

A display of some of my collection in the boutique at Brancion, in southern Burgundy... of the extraordinary castle and medieval village that from the 11th century was the seat of power for the Lords of Brancion, and later for the Dukes of Burgundy.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

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A few years ago, when I began experimenting with ceramic decoration, I created a set of hand-made alphabet stamps. This has enabled me to create customised pieces for friends and businesses, such as the bowl I have been working on (see below) for Jonnie Beasley. I love the process of printing into the clay in this way- it reminds me of the letterpress work I did during my apprentice book-binding period in the US many years ago....

 (adding a bit of colour to Jonnie's bowl- green is his favourite colour. I will post a photo of the finished, glazed piece when it comes out of the kiln!)

Working on a tea-pot for the Blackwell Collection, so named after the beautiful country house on the shores of Lake Windermere, owned and run by the National Trust. The house is full of wonderful examples of early 20th century British craftsmanship, and I fell in love with the White Dining Room, full of sunlight, with views across the Lake. The design on these ceramics is inspired by the Rowan tree frieze produced for the house by artist and architect Mackay Hugh Baillie Scot (1865-1945)

Working on a large vase for the fish series...

I will post photos of finished pieces once they are fired.
Please contact me directly if you are interested in buying a piece.
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New work in progress from Thick As Milk Studio, Woolwich, Borough of Greenwich, London

I am based not far from the Thames now, a couple of miles from where I was born. Loving working in a new, communal space, in wonderful old i...